Monday, 2 June 2008

CDS Tea & Knowledge 07-08

8th of Nov 2007

China in the next five years: challenges, threats, possibilities

Dr Kerry Brown, associate fellow at the international policy think tank, Chatham House; associate of the China Policy Institute, Nottingham University

14th of Nov 2007

China's peaceful rise and Taiwan's place in this strategy

Dr Steve Tsang, Reader in Politics; director of Taiwan Studies Programme, St Antony's College, Oxford University.

19th of Nov 2007

Environmental Policy and Poverty Alleviation: Exploring the Linkages in China

Professor Tim Swanson, Chair in Law & Economics at UCL

28th of Nov 2007

Multinational Retailers in China

Dr Jos Gamble, Reader in Asia Pacific Business at the School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London

5th of Dec 2007

What can the Study of Chinese Relations offer to General Knowledge – from Guanxi to Lishang-Wanglai?

Professor Tim Swanson, Chair in Law & Economics at UCL

9th of Jan 2008

Providing Public Services in China: is it just a problem of scale?

Professor John Adams, Napier University Business School

15th of Jan 2008

Is China losing Control?

Mr. Jonathan Anderson, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Economics, UBS

23rd of Jan 2008

Is China as Strong as it Seems?

Mr. Rob Gifford, National Public Radio, the author of China Road: A Journey into theFuture of a Rising Power

30thof Jan 2008

What If We’re All Wrong? - Mounting Risks For China's Economy

Mr. Yoel Sano Head of Asia Country Risk at Business Monitor International

6th of Feb 2008

China and America: the time of decision

Mr. Charles Dumas, Lombard Street Research

14th of Feb 2008

The Coming Crisis in China's International Economics Relations

Mr. Martin Wolf, Chief Economist at the Financial Times

18th of Feb 2008

How Ready are Chinese Companies to go Global?

Ms. Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of China Business Solutions

19th of Feb 2008

What does China think?

Mr. Mark Leonard, Executive Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations

20th of Feb 2008

What lessons can China’s policy-makers learn from Japan?

Mr. Julian Jessop, Chief International Economist of Capital Economics Ltd

22nd of Feb 2008

EU-China relationship on development, energy, trade, education and culture

Mr. Nirj Deva, MEP and Leader of Overseas Development and Cooperation Committee of European Parliament

27th of Feb 2008

Environmental Policies and Practice in China

Alasdair MacBean,Emeritus Professor of Economics and Fellow of China Centre, Lancaster University Management School

28th of Feb 2008
Nixon's visit to China in 1972; A turning point in Sino-American relations?
Professor Margaret MacMillan, St Antony's College Oxford, the author of Nixon in China: The Week that Changed the World

5th of Mar 2008

Is China the new "green peril"?

Mr. Daniel Ben-Ami, finance and economics journalist, the author of Cowardly Capitalism: The Myth of the Global Financial Casino